Irene Todaro Photographer

  • Photoblocks

    Turn your photographs into a gorgeous wooden block

    Are you looking for something special to give an innovative look to your photos? Have a look at the beautiful creations can be done when combining the print process with a touch of artistic photo editing made on a wooden block.

    You can also have your own exclusive shape designs, or purchase a gift card for a special person.

    For sizes and pricing send an email and I will be happy to give you all the specific you need to have your own photos onto a wooden block with a vintage look

    If you like them have a look at the home decor photo blocks on sale by clicking on the link below




  • Your photo become an illustration

    Turn your photographs into a gorgeous illustration

    Due my love for art I decided to created a special service for  those of you who likes art  ´╗┐and would love to have a unique portrait.

    You can see how  amazing your portrait can be wen turned into a unique artwork created with modern digital painting tecnique.


    Please note that this is not a photo manipulation, but it is a completely new design of the photo in my own artistic style to give a wonderful artistic new look to your everlasting memories.